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VR Helicopter Marshalling Training

ForwardXP worked closely with Qualcomm Technologies to produce this ground breaking enterprise training app for the Snapdragon 845 mobile VR headset. This reference project was the first ever mobile VR training app to make use of real-time eye tracking.

In Helicopter Marshalling: VR Training you are transported to a large virtual helipad surrounded by a beautiful cityscape and ocean bay. In this simulation the user is introduced to a virtual instructor who leads them through basic marshaling signals for helicopter ground operations.

After the user learns the basic signals, a sudden gust of wind takes the helicopter off-course. The helicopter responds in real-time to your signals to get back to the correct position.

Tobii eye-tracking integration allows the user to see information about their environment and the aircraft by simply moving their eyes.

Introduced at CES 2019, Helicopter Marshalling: Virtual Training shows the possibilities of enterprise VR training on high performance, stand-alone VR headsets driven by the power of Snapdragon and Tobii eye-tracking.

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